T Agung Podomoro Land Tbk. (APLN) is a leading integrated diversified real estate owner, developer and manager in the retail, commercial, and residential real estate segments with diversified holdings. We have an integrated property development model, from land acquisition and/or sourcing, to design and development, to project management, sales, commercial leasing and marketing, to the operation and management of our superblock developments, shopping malls, offices, hotels, and residential apartments and houses. We are known as a pioneer of the superblock development. Our high quality landmark projects, to name a few are Podomoro City, Kuningan City, and Senayan City.


APLN was established on July 30, 2004 under the name PT Tiara Metropolitan Jaya. In 2010, our shareholders completed a corporate restructuring, pursuant to which six developments and their holding companies were transferred to our control. APLN, is the flagship listed entity (IDX:APLN) of Agung Podomoro Group (APG), is one of the fastest growing and largest real estate developers in Indonesia with interests in superblocks, retail properties, office, apartments and residential, and hotels. APG established its first development, a housing complex in Simprug area, South Jakarta, in 1969 and completed its construction in 1973. From 1973 to present, members of APG completed or begun construction of more than 70 property projects, with majority addressed to middle class segments of society, with projects ranging from low cost apartments to high end apartments in South Jakarta, landed residentials, high end and the neighborhood mall, shop houses, hotels, soho and office towers.


APLN combines a visionary approach to design with an emphasis on rapid execution and time to market. Drawing on the experience and resources of the Agung Podomoro Group, we have been responsible for bringing a number of landmark properties on the market such as our flagship Podomoro City Complex and the high profile Senayan City. We also pioneered the superblock concept, bringing together residential, retail, leisure and office space within one integrated high rise development complex to create a pleasant and extremely convenient urban living space, with both sale and lease components.


Our superblocks provide consumers with an alternate way of living through our one-stop-living high quality Superblock developments, which offer the possibility for a balanced and pleasant urban lifestyle to thousands of consumers.


Capitalizing on our network and good brand name, our strong and experienced marketing team is typically able to generate strong advance interest for cash generation through sales, deposits, and installments. We also pay close attention to the mix of revenues streams coming from sales versus recurring revenues.



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